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Missy and I dated for almost a month before I found out about her lies and two-timing ways. She’s insatiable and she loves making explicit homemade videos of herself which I admit, kinda freaked me out a little bit.

Blonde EX GFs Pictures

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Is there a hotter ex-girlfriend than Austin? She’s hot blonde with big breasts and an ass to match. In this video, you will be seeing this hot blonde unknowingly exposing herself in this private homemade video she did with her bitter ex-lover.

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Nothing’s hotter than seeing someone’s cheating ex expose herself on film. Heidi here looks sweet and innocent, but she’s a liar and a cheater! She does have some redeeming qualities, like her perfect natural titties and smoking hot ass.

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Samantha’s self shot video will get your dick hard within seconds of seeing her flash her big tits and stuff her mouth with a dildo. She’s a real tease who loves making homemade videos of herself and her now estranged ex-lover.

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Sonya used to be my girl for years until she left me for another guy she met at work. I used to think she’s the perfect girlfriend who would do anything to please you but she ended up like everyone else. Here a video of her acting slutty and begging for my cock.